3 Unique Ways to Decorate Using Plants

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If you have been in an office with indoor plants, you know how much plants can improve the ambiance of an environment. In many situations, offices only use a few plants to add some color to the office. There are ways to use indoor and outdoor plants to add green space while amazing visitors. Here are three unique ways to decorate using plants.

Plant Walls

Decorators who want to use a large number of indoor plants are often limited by the amount of space in the building. There is a way to host a large number of plants without building an atrium. Plant walls are visually stunning and allow you to have hundreds of plants in a limited space. When we set up plant walls, U.S. Plants uses systems that require minimal maintenance. The plants will stay healthy and green with monthly service. You can also have us come by more often to touch up the wall, so it always looks perfect. U.S. Plants can provide supplemental lighting arrangements, which can help indoor plants thrive without natural lighting.

Moss Walls

An exciting variation of the plant wall is the moss wall. As the name suggests, this technique decorates a wall using your choice of various live mosses or molds. At U.S. Plants, we create moss walls by using pre-built frames, custom hand-crafted wood, or by applying the moss directly to the existing walls. Moss walls can be used in a multitude of situations and can be installed indoors or outdoors. Some live moss walls require more care than indoor plant walls since some mosses need proper moisture levels to survive. The design options of a live moss wall are limitless as the look will change as the moss grows.

If you don’t want to worry about maintaining live moss, moss walls can be created using preserved moss. Preserved moss has had the water removed in such a way that the moss can stay green and fluffy for many years, with absolutely no maintenance. Besides having the visual appeal of a live moss wall, preserved moss walls also have the advantage of being static. Since the wall won’t change, it allows for a more artistic approach to design.

Green Roofs

Because of the benefits of green spaces, there is a trend toward adding more plant-filled areas for a building’s occupants to enjoy. A great way to add green space without change existing rooms is to create a green area on the roof of a building. U.S. Plants can help owners who want to add green roofs, green walls, and other forms of living architecture to their buildings.

To make your roof Green, we add a waterproof membrane, growing medium and vegetation over top of a pre-existing roof. US Plants also provides maintenance contracts to ensure your roof stays green!

Adding a green roof has multiple positive benefits to the environment. Green roofs decrease a building’s carbon footprint by adding plants that can process CO2. Adding green space to your structure can also give building occupants a place to relax in nature without having to drive somewhere. Green roofs are a great way to make your building standout while also having a positive impact on nature.

There are a lot of ways to decorate your building using plants. If you want to learn more about setting up indoor or outdoor plant services for your home or office call U.S. Plants at (800) 765-8111 or use the contact form to send us a message online.