Benefits of Green Roof Systems

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Green roof systems are being built into smart cities, and are closely involved in other innovative ideas that are changing the way we view urban living. Some of these are done to address issues like climate change and other environmental problems. Others focus on livability and quality of life within a city or metro area, including food production for those who live there.

Here are some of the key benefits of our green roof programs that have helped so many property owners to leverage their resources to improve the environment and the communities around them.

Stormwater Runoff

Here’s a major part of why public planners include green roof programs in city makeovers.

With so much development already existing and more underway in busy communities, stormwater runoff is a major issue. When water has nowhere to go, it disrupts people’s lives by inundating buildings and structures.

Green roof systems can help mitigate stormwater runoff in a major way. By creating rain gardens and other systems that trap water and slowly disperse it, a green roof can change the stormwater runoff equation for a particular property, and help with that critical process of holding excess water until it can be safely disposed of naturally. This is a big value for municipalities under fire from state regulators, but it can also improve the lives of residents in a real way.

Natural Heating and Cooling

A green roof can also provide natural insulation for a building. As the hot summer sun beats down, urban gardens and other green roof installations can provide a layer of protection between the heat and the interior of a building. In fact, professional engineers are often conversant on the use of facades such as “cladding” to decrease heat energy penetration, but the additional benefits of a green roof involve the natural design and  addition of plant matter to a city structure.

Help with the Honeybees

Many of us have heard about the plight of the honeybees as dangerous chemicals destroy their environment. The decrease of habitat for bees leads to particular problems with pollination and other major types of ecological catastrophe.

Green roof systems offer honeybees additional natural environments to help build back biodiversity and sustainable practice in American cities, or anywhere else that green roof programs are installed.

Providing Local Food Products

Another major aspect of many green roof programs is the inclusion of either vegetables or herbs that can be harvested and used by local residents.

This takes a lot of different forms in different communities, but it’s an essential part of evaluating how to use green roof installations for maximum benefit.

If you’re interested in this kind of innovation call U.S. Plants. We excel in providing customers with green roof designs that address their goals and objectives. We are a major force in the DC/Virginia/Maryland area, helping customers to “get green” and enjoy a natural addition to a property.