More Than Just Landscapers

U.S. Plants Provide Interior Plant Design & Maintenance, Exterior & Green Roofs, Living Plant Walls, Moss Wall, Holidays

In the Washington, D.C. area, U.S. Plants enjoys a pretty active customer base, and we keep busy moving around the area, building and consulting on all sorts of green urban infrastructure and plant installations.

Some people think of what we do as landscaping – but we don’t, really.

Landscaping mainly concerns itself with simple layout and maintenance.

For example, if a business wants generic shrubbery bounded by mulch, that’s something that many shops offer as a matter of course. Estimates can be fairly low – the job can get done fairly quickly – although with any kind of greenscaping, you get what you pay for.

At U.S. Plants, our approach is a little different – in addition to those basic landscaping projects, we offer things like plant walls, sophisticated biophilic designs and integration consulting for putting green spaces inside or outside of a building. That requires an approach based on pretty specific science – knowledge of soils, how to accommodate plant roots in diverse environments, how to access natural light, and more – and don’t forget all of the planning that goes into modern roof gardens!

We handle things like floral rotations and the cultivation of specific exotic plants, or the careful creation of a native botanical environment.

That’s all part of our overall philosophy on horticultural work.

You may hear people talking about how they went to school for horticulture – that’s the level at which we operate at U.S. Plants. It’s not just layout; it’s looking at the biology of plants and understanding how they’re going to work in a particular infrastructure or architecture.

What does this look like? In addition to basic schematics, U.S. Plants will present you with both a what and a why: the project we would recommend, and the biology behind it. In this context, customers can choose the option that suits their buildings, and their plants, best.

You hire the best IT people to build your hardware and software setups, so why not hire the best plant people to integrate greenery into a property?

Take a look online everything that we do, and ask us any questions about how we build and design, how we help to maintain these designs and what we would recommend for your property. We take price in offering top tier horticultural installations for clients, whether it’s a decorative commercial design, a “biosynergy” design for utilizing the natural characteristics of plants, or a “learning” installation that blends function with style. We also like to talk to clients about how their new building plans can benefit from a “green” approach with water sequestration and other features, so be sure to ask about that if it applies to your property. We look forward to talking to you about your green plan!