Paying Attention to Plant Environments

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At USPlants, we believe that green design is more than just landscaping or another factor of interior design. It’s a unique symbiosis and interaction between plant and human life.

In our design philosophy, we sometimes refer to this as ‘biophilic’ design – the delicate dance of coexistence between humans and plant and vegetable life. That guides us in our client services, and it really enhances what we are able to do with both outdoor and indoor landscaping and green work.

Interior and Exterior Plants

One of the most basic factors of our design philosophy is that interior and exterior environments for plants are completely different.

Our exterior installations are meant to deal with the outdoor elements – the sun and the rain and the snow and ice, etc.

By contrast, interior designs are meant to interact with the serene, cloistered, distilled environment of a building interior.

We understand that humans essentially benefit from having plants in an interior space, both biologically and in terms of human psychology.

We also know how to add interior installations in a way that adds property value and aesthetic appeal to a room or indoor area.

Plant choice is one factor – so is placement and the need for ongoing maintenance. We excel in not just installing or delivering plants, but in helping companies to figure out what’s going to work best over the long term. Busy department heads and other stakeholders really value our proactive input and ability to come in and consult on a room or space.

In addition, we have a lot of other specialized landscaping services, like plant walls and themed botanical installations. We put a lot of thought into how we provide services and how we design plant support systems. We’re not just “planting,” we are deliberating on symbiotic systems. That might sound like a mouthful, but it’s something that every company in the industry should do, because these things are important. When you come to us for these kinds of services, you want a vibrant, long-lasting solution!

It’s all part of helping our customers to achieve that biophilic design to get more out of their interactions with vibrant natural plant life. We have a passion for this – and it shows. Our customers are proud of what they have sourced for their properties, and they benefit from having a road map toward long term maintenance.

Call us at or check out what we have to offer online in the DC area. We are a proud adviser to many individual and business clients who want to dress up city life with natural greenery, and live in coexistence with a thriving natural ecosystem.