Serving Northern Virginia and Beyond

U.S. Plants Provide Interior Plant Design & Maintenance, Exterior & Green Roofs, Living Plant Walls, Moss Wall, Holidays

You’ll see us running in and out of Northern Virginia neighborhoods and around the Beltway. You’ll see us up in Maryland, or down on Wisconsin or Florida, or around Rock Creek Parkway. At U.S. Plants, we get around the Northern Virginia area. As a certified small woman-owned business, we serve customers in D.C., Maryland and Virginia with extensive horticultural and landscaping services that make properties look great and improve general health effects and quality of life inside and outside of a building.

Interior and Exterior Services

From a look at our website, you can see some of our past projects involving both interior and exterior landscaping. We can do an excellent job with a lobby or other indoor space, for example, in a glassed-in exterior-facing room in a commercial building. We can also do a great job on the façade of the building matching green landscaping to branding, and otherwise fit what the company needs into the building plan. Can’t any company do that? Maybe, but some do it much better than others. We are proud of our investment in design training that helps us to confidently serve high-profile clients and impress their visitors when the installation is completed. With thirty years of experience, we’ve been able to refine our approach to greenscaping.

Plant Sourcing

We wholesale our plants from producers in Florida, Hawaii and other areas conducive to growing lush, vibrant plants. Because our supply chain is so well sourced, it’s easy to serve our customers in the Northern Virginia and Maryland areas and transplant these products in a way that really complements a landscaping installation. Sourcing matters! Without a good supply chain, companies sometimes scramble to complete projects. We don’t have that problem. Our supply chain also supports our policy of honest pricing for our clients.

The Value of Biophilic Design

Part of our business model involves promoting something called biophilic design. What is that? It’s the idea that you design landscaping to fit the needs of the plant, and to complement the surroundings as well. Biophilic design ties the interior and exterior landscaping to the building use and to inhabitants and visitors. Our in-depth planning of green space makes our installations effective over time as a way to improve the curb appeal of a property, enhance the natural environment of an indoor or outdoor space, and promote ecologically sound and sustainable practices.

Check out what we can do with moss walls, vining plants, palm trees, specialty shrubs and much more. At U.S. Plants, we all have two green thumbs – we delight in planning landscaping and green structures for our customers to give them a final result that everyone will be proud of. Let us evaluate your project needs and come up with something that suits your spaces.