The Value of Plant Walls

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At U.S. Plants Inc., we excel in helping customers to implement specific kinds of green space installations. We provide various kinds of landscaping services, including specialized items like plant walls and moss walls to give your property customized environmental appeal.

Here’s part of how we help customers out with plant walls and other green spaces that add both function and style to an outdoor area.

Dealing with a Grade

In some cases, our customers have highly graded areas of a property that are not immediately useful. Terracing is one option, but that can be prohibitively expensive, and complicated erosion can also be a problem. We help to consult property owners and others to find a good solution.

With our plant walls, companies and other customers get excellent aesthetic solutions for these steep slopes. We can deal with sloping and heavily graded areas, along with existing infrastructure like stone or rock walls, or concrete barriers or anything else. Our technicians know how to work around obstacles to get effective plant walls in place that will be lovely decorative additions to your property.

Wall Style

In other cases, customers just want to cover up vertical walls for built-up areas of the property.

Ivy and other plants naturally vine – we can help harness that growth to make your property look like a million bucks – with our plant walls, you can cover up a less-than-beautiful façade with vegetation that brings a serene, beautiful natural look to an area of a property. When you look at our gallery, you can see how great a plant wall can be for “dressing up” a space in a way that promotes natural growth and environmental balance.

Control and Logistics

When you’re looking at adding green plant wall additions to a property, there are a number of things to think about over time.

You want good green coverage, but you also want to be able to control vining plants over the long-term – otherwise, they tend to get stuck into everything around them, including air vents and other installations. Logistical problems can ensue. We help property owners to think about these practical concerns and how to use a plant wall without letting it get out of hand and potentially damage other property installations and systems (like water and sewer lines, exterior windows, vents, drain lines, etc.)

We’ll help you to plan for the future when you’re evaluating how to put a green wall into your property in place. Check out everything we have available online to show you how easy it can be to get the customized results you need – or just call and discuss the services we can provide in the D.C. area and around Virginia and Maryland. At U.S. Plants Inc., we are ready to help out and able to offer you high-quality “green work” on a timeline, to improve your property!